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3 easy steps to claiming your refund

1-In the store

  • Shop where you see the global Refund TAX FREE SHOPPING sign (over 225.000 stores worldwide)
  • Simply ask for your Refund Cheque and the bill.
  • You must spend at least 150.000 LBP tax included per day to quality for VAT refund.
  • As a tourist, foreigner or Lebanese living abroad, your stay in Lebanon must not exceed three months.

2-Through Customs


When living Lebanon please show your:

  • Purchases along with the bill
  • tickets/Confirmation of Reservation
  • Passport
    to the Customs officer and get your Global Refund Cheques stamped within three months from date of purchase

When leaving through the Masnaa border

  • Global Refund Cheque
  • Purchases along with the bill
  • Passport and a photocopy. showing arrival and departure dates.

3-Collect your refund:


you have several choices at nearby Global Refund Counters:

  • Immediate cash refund up to 750,000 LBP (at Beirut International Airport).
  • Credit to your  credit card within 35 Days.
  • Bank check sent to your address within 35 days.

A handing fee will be deducted from the VAT amount for our refund services