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About us

Through its history, GENTLEMAN has interpreted the most important expression of "classic" clothing.

Since our start with a yearly progress of understanding this profession and doing great to achieve our dream to reach the highest level of handmade brands, mainly BRIONI - ZILLI - BELVEST RAVAZZOLO - Stefano Ricci - Schiatti - Castangia & UMBERTO BILANCIANI.

Almost 35 years after its foundation, GENTLEMAN has become the most demanding and prestigious boutique for Lebanese and foreign clients.

Muheiddine Dada

After encountering a hard period of work and desire in fulfilling our goals, the first branch we franchised was in Verdun, then Park Avenue & Saida.

As a result of all years of work and anticipation we ended up with what we have today, a successful business and an image brought up to the people of what it takes to be a true GENTLEMAN.

We look forward to your visit and it will be our pleasure to serve you, as they sue for the people, by the people...

GENTLEMAN wishes to pay homage to its discriminating and refined clientele who, though mindful of tradition, always look towards the future.